Dulâme:For Who We Are and Who We Are Not - Part 2

Dulâme is novelty, elegance. It's excellence.

It offers a high quality solution at an affordable price when compared to traditional diamonds.
Moissanite is a precious stone that has brilliance and hardness similar to that of diamonds, but at a significantly lower price which makes it the only real alternative to diamond for fine costume and fine jewelry.

Who we are for:

We are for those who want something new, for those who want to be noticed.

Dulâme allows every woman to show off unique jewels, full of personality, with an elegant and glamorous touch, without ever sacrificing ethics, environmental sustainability and the exceptional quality that distinguishes them.
We are for those who are not afraid to express their personality to the fullest and for those who want to be a little envied! 😉

We are not for those who believe that the beauty and value of a jewel are determined exclusively by its unaffordable price.
We are not for those who believe that traditional diamonds are the only possible choice for fine jewelry.
We are not for those who do not pay attention to global issues of eco-sustainability and exploitation.

Dulâme is not just a jewel, it is a choice.


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