Synthetic diamond scams


Following some reports from our customers who have come across scams, we have created this article to clarify the world of diamonds and synthetic stones.

In this article you will discover the difference between the various stones and the factors you need to pay attention to when purchasing a jewel.
In trade can be found:
Natural diamonds
Synthetic diamonds
Diamond simulations
Natural diamonds they are diamonds mined from the earth. When purchasing it is important that there are the official GIA and IGI certificates that accompany the stone and possibly also the traceability certificate of the diamond itself to ensure that it is of ethical origin.
Synthetic diamonds they are real diamonds as the same environmental conditions that determine the formation of the stone are reproduced in the laboratory. These must also be accompanied by GIA and IGI certificates with the addition of the synthesis technique used (CVD or HPHT). Generally they cost on average 1/3 compared to natural diamonds. Be wary of anyone who sells diamonds or synthetic diamonds for 100-200 euros. They are not synthetic diamonds but real scams.e.
Moissanite used in jewelry is laboratory moissanite as natural moissanite is very rare and cannot be applied in jewelry. It has specific characteristics in line with diamonds, some superior such as the brilliance index, others inferior such as hardness. It must be accompanied by the official GRA certificate and has an average cost of 150 euros per carat.
The simulations they can be of various types, low-end or high-end. They can represent a valid, cheaper alternative to diamonds or moissanite but they have very different and almost always inferior characteristics. Be careful because simulations are often sold as synthetic diamonds. This practice, in addition to being incorrect, is illegal and represents a scam against consumers. Simulation diamond and synthetic diamond are 2 different products.
The zircons they can be natural or artificial (cubic zirconia, CZ stones) and represent the most entry level segment of the market, with completely different characteristics and low prices. They do not have to be accompanied by a certificate as there is no official body.
In summary we recommend you pay attention when purchasing a jewel, the Dulame team is happy to support its customers in the purchase of any type of stone besides moissanite.


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