Moissanite jewelry:the only stone with qualities superior to diamond

Moissanite is brighter than diamond and has a very similar hardness , equal to 9.5 on the Mohs scale which makes it practically indestructible. A jewel made to last forever.
Since 2018, the DULÂME brand has been the first retailer of certified moissanite in Italy .

Economical alternative to diamond

The cost of moissanite is lower than that of diamonds of comparable size and quality, despite having superior characteristics. By purchasing in large quantities from producers, we can offer you the lowest price per carat on the market (less than €100/ct).

More sustainable stone
compared to natural diamond

Moissanite respects the planet:being created in the laboratory it has a much lower environmental impact than natural diamond extractions .

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La retroalimentación de nuestros clientes es crucial para nosotros.

Con nuestras joyas de Moissanita, hemos satisfecho a más de 3000 clientes. Reciba su preciado artículo dentro de las 24/48 horas siguientes a realizar el pedido, y si por algún motivo no queda satisfecho, podrá devolverlo dentro de los 15 días siguientes a su recepción.



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